Frater Samedi (tikigods) wrote in lunar_carnival,
Frater Samedi

Freakshows in the modern day? Yay or nay? Has political-correctness gone too far? Are "freaks" exploited? Is anyone making them do it? Is it akin to the "special" people that appear on Jerry Springer? Oh, and what kind of Freaks and Geeks should we gather together for our Carnival?

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If freaks and geeks want to perform and be part of a freakshow, I think they should have the right to do so. Humans are naturally curious about abnormalities. I don't think the desire to see such things is necessarily malicious or cruel, in and of itself. But I also would hope that likely candidates for a freakshow would not feel it was their only hope for a steady job. I know that discrimination is rampant for these people and that sucks ass.

Anyway, conjoined twins? Gotta have 'em. And some girly dwarf jello wrestlers.

I luv Tod Browning's Freaks. Those freaks didn't take any shit from anyone! That rules!
Have you ever read "Geek Love"? Another great example of "freaks" who don't take no shit. One of the few books that ever brought about true emotional response from me for the characters within. I loved the carnie folk and hated the outsiders who would laugh at them. I would like to think that our Carnival del Luna would be a safe haven for those who can't be accepted in the outside world. We would be their family, their friends.

We need a Lobster Boy, Wolfman, Giant, Three-Legged Girl, Living Skeleton and a Bearded Lady.