Human pincushion question


I am starting a cabaret/sideshow here in Milwaukee. Along with being the emcee, and providing accordion music while waltzing on broken glass, I also am going to be the human pincushion. I know there is a special kind of needle that needs to be used, and I know there is a way to do it without making myself bleed heavily, or leaving massive amounts of scar tissues - but I don't know how to do it, or what kind of needles to use.

Can anyone help me out with this, or at least direct me to someone who might be able to?

carnival shadow

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Freakshows in the modern day? Yay or nay? Has political-correctness gone too far? Are "freaks" exploited? Is anyone making them do it? Is it akin to the "special" people that appear on Jerry Springer? Oh, and what kind of Freaks and Geeks should we gather together for our Carnival?

day of the dead skeletons

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Let me be the one to say that its time to pack up the caravan, check the maps, feed the horses and hit the road. Let us dream of the open air and freedom that comes with the trade. The family bond we may all share that is the gypsy lifestyle of lights and calliope music peppered with the scent of cotton candy. Let's razzle and dazzle the marks with our mischief as the twilight descends upon us. In the Carnival we pull the strings and control the mystery, we are The Man Behind The Curtain. Every night is the show of a lifetime, the show that keeps the hearts of the masses warm through the long winter months. We provide the relief from reality while playing in our own dreams.

So let us dream together. Let us travel the long road into the night and play with the stuff of darkness.

Welcome to the Old Time Lunar Carnival.